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We are a global venture capital firm investing into fast growing companies that are shaping the future through technology.

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Quartz Capital is a UK-based venture capital firm founded by entrepreneurs and investors active in the growth stage investment sector. Our investments are placed on those that shape the next decade by solving major complexities & upskill the digital economy.

We shape the next VC generation by being an integral part of the tech ecosystem and creating value for our partners.

We invest in:

fast scaling software companies

disruptive technology companies and category leaders

companies with an ethos in solving complex challenges

B2B SAAS software

what we do


Growth Stage Investments

We invest in companies at the growth inflection point.
We invest in companies that solve complex problems and upskill the digital economy.
We closely work with leading venture funds to receive unique deal flow opportunities.


Startup Advisory

We help with deal structuring, management and strategy.
We help companies to navigate and scale through the technological ecosystem.
We connect selected companies to our professional investor network.


Investments in Venture Funds

We invest in high performing venture funds based in the EU & usa. We invest in professional relationships and subsequently grow our deal flow. We build a global due diligence network powered by thought leadership.


Deal advisory

We help with deal structuring, and general deal management. We understand legal and tax complexities associated with cross-jurisdictional investment opportunities and are able to advice our clients every stage of the process.


We've funded dozens of portfolio companies across all stages and sectors, with an emphasis on data-driven b2b software, as well as progressive b2c solutions solving major complexities.

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investment focus

Superior performance and better accuracy are just two of the many current challenges in ml/ai and teams that have made fundamental breakthroughs by putting AI at the heart of their solution, is what excites us.

Software startups that lay tomorrow’s data foundation will drive the next decade and bring astonishing results. These solutions will empower businesses and governments to make better decisions, enhance efficiency and upskill the general workforce.

Platform enablers that are scaling horizontally whilst encapsulating all needs of an enterprise client are some of the most resilient companies to be. Mastering problem solving on a horizontal layer permits companies to create an edge and transfer their skills across multiple verticals.

We believe that certain enterprise automation solutions will become a de facto standard in organisations, helping the workforce to upskill and onboard more complex tasks. The pace of automation is accelerating and more business value is generated through smart technological solutions.

Horizontal Fintech, RegTech & InsureTech firms who are able to show core competency in driving change, re-innovate and solve major obstacles are needed. We like to see firms that have the potential to turn into multi-layered tech giants servicing all needs of their clients.

Cloud technologies are enabling a new breed of fully integrated solutions into entire business processes and enables the strength of data cohesively.
Cloud-based tools and services that enhance business operations will play an increasingly significant role as the world digitses and migrates to the cloud.

We are not searching for giants that fly too close to the sun, but rather for solutions that are able to solve multiple obstacles at once and knit them together for an instinctively easier UI. A platform that services various aspects of a particular vertical (perhaps even industry) will be one of the most valuable companies of this decade.

With an increase of technological devices and general shift towards digitalisation, CyberSecurity is ever more important. Threats have become more sophisticated with entire infrastructures being vulnerable. As we are creating more and more data we start to carry larger risks. Solutions that are able to build protective infrastructures, prevent threats before they have infiltrated and push regulators to adopt new measures, is what excites us.

We are closely following the continuous unfolding of decentralisation, web3.0 infrastructure and the creator economy. By backing teams who build technical infrastructures, organisational frameworks and developer tools, we experience a generational shift in computing architecture and adjustment of organisational principles.


Maxim Matias photo
Managing Partner

Responsible for strategy, building a global due-diligence network and deal sourcing.

8 years experience in tech entrepreneurship and venture capital

Previously at OpenOcean, responsible for building a venture platform and network to yield deal flow, investment thesis enrichment and due-diligence

MSc Business Innovation, Imperial College London

Scope: B2B Saas, Data, Ai, Automation 

Responsible for overall management, strategy, investment analysis and deal structuring.

Investment protegee with first sizeable return <18 yrs of age

Successfully invested in 20+ venture deals across various stages

Most notable exits - UiPath, Palantir and Confluent

Participated in dozens of IPOs

Managed funds of various multi-FOs and HNWIs

Scope: B2B Saas, Data, FinTech 

alex tarlo
Non executive director

Responsible for strategy, due-diligence guidance, network and risk managment.

Over 10 years' experience in investments across various asset classes

Built a real estate business with AUM in excess of $0.5B

Successfully invested in 15 ventures

BSc Economics, University College London

Scope: FinTech, Web 3.0
Geo: UK, US


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